Intent – To eliminate or minimise the risks of fatalities, injuries and events arising from working in close proximity to passing traffic and other road users

Critical Controls

  • Planning and staging of works must apply the safety hierarchy of controls and seek opportunities to eliminate the interface with live traffic flows, consideration should be given to the use of side-tracks, safety barriers, road closures and/or detours
  • Road Occupancy Licenses and Speed Zone Authorisations are in place
  • A competent road safety traffic management representative is appointed to oversee the application of traffic control
  • Traffic Management Plan(s) is place, adhered to and monitored by competent traffic management personnel
  • Work areas are isolated from passing traffic with approved safety barrier treatments where road speeds are equal to or greater than 60km/h
  • Traffic controllers must be replaced by automatic/remote devices unless stipulated by the road authority or traffic signal operations limitations do not make it feasible
  • Traffic controllers must demonstrate experience for specific traffic situations and be adequately resourced
  • Truck mounted attenuators are used as buffer vehicles in conjunction with speed reductions on multi-lane roads, for mobile works or when setting up and removing temporary traffic controls
  • Physical protection and safe escape routes are in place for traffic control personnel interacting with live traffic flows
  • Designated construction access points are provided and managed to prevent risk to workers and road users
  • An audit and inspection regime is dedicated to the traffic control system to ensure compliance with traffic control plans and the controls applied in the field

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