PS 18 – Fitness for Work

This Standard provides guidance on the general health and wellbeing of workers at Laing O’Rourke workplaces also gives instructions on Fitness for Work to prevent injury and incidents caused by persons that are not fit for work due to:

  • pre-existing conditions;
  • drug and alcohol use;
  • fatigue; and
  • other health and wellbeing factors.

This standard applies to all employees, permanent and casual contractors working on Laing O’Rourke Workplaces during work hours. Visitors to site may be requested to undergo testing or leave the site if they present with behavioural signs of possible impairment. Where another organisations safety management system is applied there may be alternative Fitness for Work criteria to be applied. Details of what will be applied will be documented in the relevant safety management plan.

Workers and other persons that must meet the provisions set out in the Rail Safety Act are not included in the scope of this Primary Standard – Refer to Rail Element 26 E-P-8-1923 Drug and Alcohol Management and Element 25 E-P-8-1925 Fatigue Management.

Primary Standard

PS 18 Fitness for Work (Rev 2 31.8.17)

Related Forms

E-T-8-0950 Drug and Alcohol Testing Register

E-T-8-0948 Reasonable Grounds for Drug and Alcohol Testing

E-T-8-0946 Self Declaration of Medication Use

Model Workplace Relations Management Plan (Victoria)

E-P-8-1923 Drug and Alcohol Management (Rail)

E-P-8-1925 Fatigue Management (Rail)

4 thoughts on “PS 18 Fitness for Work

  1. Requirement for a Model Workplace Relations Management Plan Victoria.
    As of January 2015 the above management plans are no longer required for Victorian Public or Private funded Projects. The Andrews government abolished the Victorian Code and therefore the requirement. Please feel free to contact me in relation to this matter, Darren.

  2. What form is used to cover the testing of an operative if their initial bretho produces a non negative?

    Likewise – what form is used to record names, dates, etc for Post Incident Testing?

    1. Hi Chris,
      We don’t mandate the use of a company form for recording this information. Generally this is provided by our third party testers and / or as required by Rail Infrastructure Managers. Refer to your local Rail Safety Plan or Authorised Testers for further information. Hope this helps.

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