PS 17 – Site Establishment and Logistics

This standard gives instruction on site establishment requirements, planning for logistics and chain of responsibility under Heavy Vehicle National Law for project work sites and workplaces under Laing O’Rourke’s control. For Major Office Amenities standards refer to HSE Information PS17.1 – Major Office Amenities and for office related items refer to HSE Information PS17.5 – Office Safety.

Primary Standard

PS 17 Site Establishment and Logisitics (Rev 1 09.12.16)

HSE Information

HSE Information PS17.1 – Major Contract Ammenities

Related Forms

E-T-8-0943 Project Start-up Safety Checklist

E-P-8-0542e Transport Management Plan

E-T-8-0542k Driver Trip Schedule

E-C-8-0542c Scheduler Checklist

E-T-8-0504b Dispatch Manifest

E-C-8-0542d Load Safety Inspection Checklist

E-G-8-0533d Heavy Vehicle Guidance

E-G-8-0542a CoR Roles and Responsibilities Guide

E-G-8-0542f CoR Training Guide

E-G-8-0542d Heavy Vehicle Dangerous Goods Transport Guidance

E-P-8-0542a Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue Management Procedure

E-P-8-0542b Heavy Vehicle Speed Management Procedure

E-P-8-0542c Heavy Vehicle Load Management Procedure

6 thoughts on “PS 17 Site Establishment and Logistics

  1. I cannot see the high level alarm with water cutoff for the toilet waste tanks in the new Site Establishment PS

    1. Hi Jamie,
      That’s right it’s no longer part of the Primary Standard. That type of information should live in the Select specifications rather than getting into that type of detail within the SMS itself. It might fit in the supporting HSE Information sheet for Major Contract Amenities and that will be considered as part of the regular review of the SMS. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. A great, forward thinking move by LOR – very impressed with the openness & genuine desire to bring about change.
    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but – I noted a couple of very minor spelling errors within the following doc:

    The word is actually “amenities” with a single “M”…
    Further down the page the word “boarders” is used – when it should be “borders” without the “a”….

    Once again great work & looking forward to using this system to its fullest moving forward.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Wayne. We’ll look to make some changes in the upcoming updates. We appreciate that you took the time to provide your input.

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