PS 14 – Railway Operations

The intent of this document is to provide guidance on measures that will reduce the risk of fatalities, injuries and incidents arising from work associated with Laing O’Rourke’s railway operations.

Updated: 10-08-2016

Do not read the below primary standard in isolation. Scroll further down to see the Rail Safety Management System documents that may also apply.

Primary Standard

PS 14 Railway Operations (Rev 1 09.12.16)

FSR Critical Controls (field check) 

Rail Safety Management System

Below is a list of the documents to support the regulatory requirements for each of the 29 elements which for “Rail” specific issues are shown in the LORA Safety Management System as an element E:

1 – Safety Policy16 – E 16 Procurement of Rolling Stock
2 – Safety culture (covered in SR 00 Next Gear)17 – E 17 General Engineering and Operational Systems Safety Requirements
3 – E03 Governance and Internal Control Arrangements18 – E 18 Process Control
4 – E 04 Management Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Authorities19 – E 19 Asset Management of Rolling Stock
5 – Regulatory Compliance (covered in SR 15 Legal Obligations and Record Management)20 – E 20 Interface Management
6 – Document Control (covered in the LORA Quality systems)21 – E 21 Notifiable Occurrences & Railway Incident Investigations
21A – E 21A Reporting Rail Safety Issues
7 – Review of the SMS (contained in E-P-8-0121 Management Review)22 – E 22 Rail Safety Worker Competence
8 – E 08 Safety Performance Measures23 – E 23 Security Management
9 – Safety Audits and Inspections (contained in SR 09 Inspections, Audits and Corrective Actions)24 – E 24 Emergency Management Plan
10 – Corrective Actions (contained in SR 09 Inspections, Audits and Corrective Actions)25 – E 25 Fatigue Management
11 – Change management (contained in SR 06 Change Management)26 – E 26 Drugs and Alcohol
12 – Consultation (contained in SR 03 Consultation and HS Meetings)27 – E 27 Health and Fitness
13 – Internal Communications (addressed through iGate and supporting LORA processes)28 – Resource Availability (contained within LORA Core and Enabling Processes)
14 – E 14 Risk Management for Railway Operations29 – Training and Instruction (contained in the element within the overall SMS for Railway Operations)
15 – E 15 Human Factors

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