PS 02 – Plant and Equipment

The intent of this document is to eliminate or minimise the risks of fatalities, injuries and incidents arising from mobile powered plant, static plant and equipment at Laing O’Rourke workplaces. This standard gives instructions on:

  • operating mobile plant and static powered plant safely,
  • monitoring the safe use of mobile plant and static powered plant,
  • maintaining mobile plant and static powered plant.

This standard provides the requirements governing the use of mobile plant that Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and anyone involved in the process must uphold. This document must be read in conjunction with the OEM Manual, Plant Risk Assessment, applicable Plant and Equipment minimum standards and relevant site procedures and requirements.

NOTE- the Plant & Equipment Standards (and associated documentation including the pre-mobilisation checklists) have been updated. Please refer to Revised Plant & Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Q&A. The Revised Plant & Equipment Standards Toolbox Talk is available to assist with communication.

Primary Standard

PS 02 Plant and Equipment (Rev 2 09.12.16)

FSR Critical Controls (field check)


Plant Pre-Mobilisation Forms

E-C-8-0520a Earthmoving Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520b Forklift and Telehandler Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520c Mobile and Crawler Crane Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520d Static Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520f General Mobile Plant Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520g Elevated Work Platform Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520h Concrete Pump Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520j Minor Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520l Piling Rig Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575 Light Vehicle Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575a Heavy Vehicles Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

Rail Pre-Mobilisation Forms

E-C-8-0520i RRV Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520k Track-Bound Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-0575d Road Rail Vehicle Elevated Working Platform Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575e Flash Butt Welder Pre-Mobilisation Checklist


Plant Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522a Light Vehicle Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522b Heavy Vehicle Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522c Earthmoving Plant Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522d Forklift and Telehandler Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522e Mobile and Crawler Crane Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522f General Mobile Plant and Equipment Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522f Static Equipment Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522g Elevated Work Platform Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522h Concrete Placing Equipment Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522l Minor Equipment Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522o Piling Rig Minimum Standards

Rail Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522i Rail Track-Bound Equipment Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522j Rail Road Vehicle Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522m Flash Butt Welder Minimum Standards

E-P-8-0522n Road Rail Vehicle Elevated Working Platform Minimum Standards


10 thoughts on “PS 02 Plant and Equipment

  1. looking for E-G-8-0833d Heavy Vehicle Guidance – Can you please advise where to find thank you.

  2. Hi, please clarify requirements for ewp’s under 11 meters. Is a Yellow EWPA card required for specific types (Scissor, vertical, boom, trailer lift) or is the yellow card accepatable for any type of EWP under 11 meters. Is a high risk WP enough for ewp under 11meter?
    And or is course RIIHAN301D acceptable?

    1. Hi Lloyd. We are currently in the process of clarifying the requirements and look forward to providing you with a response.

  3. Hello, Please can you confirm what paperwork is required for Generator Daily inspections? Select have confirmed this is required but this is not covered in any Primary Standard or Common Forms? Thanks.

    1. Hi Huw. The pre-starts are available on Fieldview & the pre-start book will be supplied by the Select Depot. Further information is available on iGate (under the Services tab) or you can contact Select on 1300 728 852.

  4. There doesn’t appear to be a new pre-mobalisation form – E-C-8-0520e Vehicle Loading Crane Pre-Mobilisation Checklist. When the pre 2018 forms get removed from the SMS will this also get removed? This pre-mobilisation checklist is used regularly by projects..

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