The objective of Primary Standards is to ensure the organisation sets a framework for operations to work within that manages risk appropriately and creates opportunity for innovation. 

Fatal and Severe Risks Control Standard

PS 01 Temporary Works, Excavation, Underground and Overhead Services

PS 02 Plant and Equipment

PS 03 Cranes and Lifting

PS 04 Working at Heights 

PS 05 Scaffolding

PS 06 Energised Plant, Isolations and Lockout

PS 07 Electrical Safety

PS 08 Confined Spaces

PS 09 Formwork and Falsework

PS 10 Demolition

PS 11 Asbestos

PS 12 Precast and Tilt-Up Concrete

PS 13 Work Over Water

PS 14 Rail Operations

PS 15 Traffic Management

PS 16 Piling

PS 17 Site Establishment and Logistics

PS 18 Fitness for Work

PS 19 Manual Handling

PS 20 Hazardous Substances

PS 21 Drill and Blast Management

PS 22 Permit to Work

PS 23 Personal Protective Equipment