SR 08 Onboarding, Induction, Training and Verification Of Competency

System Requirement

SR 08 Onboarding Training Inductions VOC (Rev 1 09.12.16)

Related Forms

E-T-8-0949 Site Induction Record for Employees and Subcontract workers

E-T-8-0949b Site Induction Record for Delivery Drivers

E-T-8-0913 Tool Box Meeting Record

E-T-8-0913b Training Attendance Record

E-T-8-0907 Certificate Holders Register.

E-T-8-0983 Site Induction Register

E-T-8-1382 Visitors Logbook

E-T-8-0982 Visitors Induction

E-G-8-0907 High Risk Work Licences


LORA Training and Competency Matrix

Course Feedback Form

e-Induct FAQ – General User v0

4 thoughts on “SR 08 Onboarding, Induction, Training and VOC

  1. Project induction template. Opportunity to update template and reflect our Next Gear approach:
    Slide 1 – replace with Next Gear logo
    Slide 14 – delete “9 Golden Rules”
    Slide 21 – delete Mission Zero targets
    Slide 25 – include gearbox application

  2. Please check and update the Project Induction Template ( As above Comment) if still reflect Mission Zero

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