SR 08 Onboarding, Induction, Training and Verification Of Competency

System Requirement

SR 08 Onboarding Training Inductions VOC (Rev 1 09.12.16)

Related Forms

E-T-8-0949 Site Induction Record for Employees and Subcontract workers

E-T-8-0949b Site Induction Record for Delivery Drivers

E-T-8-0913 Tool Box Meeting Record

E-T-8-0913b Training Attendance Record

E-T-8-0907 Certificate Holders Register.

E-T-8-0983 Site Induction Register

E-T-8-1382 Visitors Logbook

E-T-8-0982 Visitors Induction

E-G-8-0907 High Risk Work Licences


LORA Training and Competency Matrix

Course Feedback Form

e-Induct FAQ – General User v0

5 thoughts on “SR 08 Onboarding, Induction, Training and VOC

  1. Project induction template. Opportunity to update template and reflect our Next Gear approach:
    Slide 1 – replace with Next Gear logo
    Slide 14 – delete “9 Golden Rules”
    Slide 21 – delete Mission Zero targets
    Slide 25 – include gearbox application

  2. Please check and update the Project Induction Template ( As above Comment) if still reflect Mission Zero

    1. Hi Ailish. Thanks for letting us know. The links have been updated. They now link to Safe Work Australia, From there you can scroll down to the relevant state website.

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