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Next Gear is our agenda that builds safety resilience into the organisation, founded on engagement and trust. Where we place our people at the heart of safety decision making and where safety performance focusses on understanding success and the many things that go right.

Next Gear challenges us to move beyond traditional safety practices and measures, by applying a framework described in the three principles:

  • People are the solution (vs people are the problem)
  • Safety in the presence of positives (vs safety is the absence of negatives)
  • Safety is an ethical responsibility (vs safety is a bureaucratic activity)

These are supported through a number of tactics which bring the principles to life across our workplaces:

  • Focusing on high consequence risks
  • Investigating for success
  • Reducing bureaucracy and simplifying systems
  • Empowering our workforce through engagement and trust
  • Leadership that challenges traditional thinking.

At the heart of our approach is the belief that safety critical messages should be delivered by the business for the business. To this end our campaigns and engagement programs are delivered by operational leaders, staff and workforce.

As a business we recognise that statistics are not necessarily an indicator of safety success. This doesn’t mean we lose focus on preventing incidents, but we look beyond the failures to also identify the positives.  We achieve this by placing empowered people at the centre of decision making and in doing so ensure transparency and accountability for safety.

This is how we believe everyone will return home safely every day.

System Requirement

SR 00 Next Gear (Rev 2 09.12.16)

Resources and Tools

E-G-8-0912 Collective Insights Guidance Notes

Pit Crew Terms of Reference

Positive Investigations Guidance (Rev 0 23.5.16)

Workforce Engagement Tools (Rev 3 27.5.16)

Project Micro-experiment Proposal TEMPLATE

Gearbox App User Guide

Next Gear Signage Resources

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  1. Opportunity to link publication ” Next Gear – the compelling case for change” under resources and tools or link from SR 00

  2. Pit Crew Terms of Reference document.
    Opportunity to update this document with Next Gear logo and change all references within text from ‘Mission Zero Next Gear’ to ‘Next Gear’. Staff accessing these resources advise we continue to promote ‘Mission Zero Next Gear’ in our latest SMS.

    1. Hi Daniel. Thank you for letting us know. I have fixed the link. Please let me know if you have any issues with accessing the template.

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