SR 12 Event Management and Reporting

System Requirement

SR 12 Event Management and Reporting (Rev 0 23.5.16)

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E-T-8-0918 Incident Investigation

E-T-8-0951a HSE Internal Incident Notification

E-T-8-0951b Personal Injury Report

E-G-8-0951c Injury Classification Chart

E-T-8-0942 Witness Statement

C-T-8-0918a Checklist for Responding to Class I incident

C-T-8-0918b Class I Incident Flowchart

C-T-8-0742 Contract Review

Next Gear Safety Alert Template

HSE Lessons Learned Template (select ‘save as’ and once saved on your computer you will be able to open the document)

8 thoughts on “SR 12 Event Management and Reporting

  1. Please advise if we have an incident classification chart for quickly assessing an incident severity at notification stage.

    I can only find the Injury Classification Chart E-G-8-0951c which does not deal with non-injury incidents (e.g. a scaffolding collapse). SR12 also only deals with injury classifications.

    I have been advised that Impact may be the only place to identify a non-injury incident classification – which is not a handy reckoner when dealing with an incident in real-time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback James. We will review the document and update it to provide some more clarity.

  2. Across WA/NT projects, feedback from persons leading investigations is there is no standard ICAM template (company report) available. To promote a high standard of investigation reports produced and to reduce cost, time and resources of people leading investigations developing their own reports from scratch, I recommend we offer template report/s for persons leading future investigations.”

    1. Whilst we don’t mandate ICAM as the methodology required, we can easily produce a template aligned to ICAM to make it easier for investigators if there is a need.

  3. C-T-8-0918a Checklist for Responding to Class I incident

    Names and numbers need to be changed on this form now there has been some positional changes

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