SR 12 Event Management and Reporting

System Requirement

SR 12 Event Management and Reporting (RevĀ 2 9.4.18)

Related Forms

E-T-8-0918 Incident Investigation

E-T-8-0951a HSE Internal Incident Notification

E-T-8-0951b Personal Injury Report

E-G-8-0951c Injury Classification Chart

E-T-8-0942 Witness Statement

C-T-8-0918a Checklist for Responding to Class I incident

C-T-8-0918b Class I Incident Flowchart

C-T-8-0742 Contract Review

Next Gear Safety Alert Template

HSE Lessons Learned Template (select ‘save as’ and once saved on your computer you will be able to open the document)

12 thoughts on “SR 12 Event Management and Reporting

  1. Please advise if we have an incident classification chart for quickly assessing an incident severity at notification stage.

    I can only find the Injury Classification Chart E-G-8-0951c which does not deal with non-injury incidents (e.g. a scaffolding collapse). SR12 also only deals with injury classifications.

    I have been advised that Impact may be the only place to identify a non-injury incident classification – which is not a handy reckoner when dealing with an incident in real-time.

    1. Thanks for the feedback James. We will review the document and update it to provide some more clarity.

  2. Across WA/NT projects, feedback from persons leading investigations is there is no standard ICAM template (company report) available. To promote a high standard of investigation reports produced and to reduce cost, time and resources of people leading investigations developing their own reports from scratch, I recommend we offer template report/s for persons leading future investigations.”

    1. Whilst we don’t mandate ICAM as the methodology required, we can easily produce a template aligned to ICAM to make it easier for investigators if there is a need.

  3. C-T-8-0918a Checklist for Responding to Class I incident

    Names and numbers need to be changed on this form now there has been some positional changes

  4. Does the C-T-8-0918b Class I Incident Flowchart apply to Environmental Class 1 incidents as well? The EMS page links to this same flowchart but it doesn’t have any information regarding EPA etc. Should the flowchart on the EMS be different?

    1. Hi Tamara. Thanks for raising this. The C-T-8-0918b Class I Incident Flowchart applies to all Class 1 events, including environmental. We are currently reviewing the EMS and will include your feedback as part of the review.

  5. Similarly to how E-T-8-0951a HSE Internal Incident Notification can be used for both safety and environmental incident notifications, would it be possible for the E-T-8-0918 Incident Investigation form to be updated to include environmental investigations and complaints? I see both E-T-8-0918 Incident Investigation and E-T-8-1222 Environmental Incident Complaint Report forms are already very similar.

    1. Hi Tamara. We are in the process of integrating the EMS with the SMS. This includes where possible combining the common system requirements. This will include event management. Watch this space!

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