Commonly Used Forms

Fatal and Severe Risks

FSR Adequacy Assessment Tool

Risk Assessment

E-T-8-0971a Safe Work Method Statement

E-T-8-0971b SWMS Review Checklist

E-T-8-0971c SWMS Task Observation


E-T-8-0905 Management Site Safety and Environment Inspection

E-T-8-0970 Safety Inspection


E-T-8-0979 Excavation Permit

E-T-8-0962 Confined Space Permit

E-T-8-0987 Service Isolation Permit

E-T-8-0917 Safe Working at Heights Permit

E-T-8-0934 Gridmesh_Handrail_Flooring Removal Permit

E-T-8-1527 Crane Workbox Permit

E-T-8-0920 Asbestos Removal Permit

E-T-8-0985 Hot Work Permit

Plant Pre-Mobilisation – Rail

E-C-8-0520k Track-bound Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520i RRV Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575d Road Rail Vehicle Elevated Working Platform Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575e Flash Butt Welder Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

Plant Pre-Mobilisation

E-C-8-0520a Earthmoving Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520b Forklift and Telehandler Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520c Mobile and Crawler Crane Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520d Static Equipment Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520e Vehicle Loading Crane Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520f General Mobile Plant Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520g Elevated Work Platform Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0520h Concrete Pump Pre-Mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575a Heavy Vehicle Pre-mobilisation Checklist

E-C-8-0575 Light Vehicle Pre-mobilisation Checklist

Other Forms

E-T-8-0924 Collective Insights Process (template)

6 thoughts on “Common Forms

  1. Good to see a list of commonly used forms here.
    However, for transparency, please make available in this section a full listing of SMS forms (a to z) so users can understand and see what forms exist in the SMS i.e. referenced in System Requirements and Primary Standards. In the full listing of forms, please include the current version of the forms to enable a self-check or independent audit of SMS forms used on a project.

  2. There seems to be formatting issues with the FSR assessment tool, the drop down boxes do not work for the FSR 04 “Working at Height’ work sheet.

  3. Are there any templates/documents/standard forms related to carrying out Collective Insights, Positive Investigations, etc. available on SMS?

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